Where to stay economically in Osaka.

If you want to save money for accommodation in Osaka,then you can find an economical hotel in Shinimamiya area where there are many Guest Houses for budget tourists.
Room rent per night in this area is around \2,000, however this rate is very cheap as compared with the average room charge in Japan but room is very clean and so you can stay comfortably.
Around this area there are also many tourist spots and shopping centers where you can go on foot.

Access from Kansai Air Port to Shinimamiya is also very convenient,because you can get there directly by JR(West Japan Railway) and Nankai Electric Railway within one hour.

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Tourist spots around Shinimamiya <in the vicinity of Backpacker's Guest Houses>
Tennoji Zoo African Savanna
Tennoji Park Keitakuen
Tsutenkaku & Shinsekai
Antique & used book Market

What to eat cheaply and deliciously in Osaka.

Osaka is very famous as a gourmet town in Japan but Osaka people are not only enjoying luxurious food. Most popular food of Osaka is Takoyaki(fried octpus ball),food stall of which you can see everywhere in Osaka and you have to try it once here.

If you are not gourmet and want to save money for food,then we recomend you Gyudon(a bowl of rice topped with beef). Gyudon is also very popular food for busy business men in order to save money and time,because it is very quickly served and it's price is enough cheap.
Popular fast food restaurant chain of Gyudon are Yoshinoya,Sukiya and Matsuya,one of them you can find easily in the downtown. Try to eat it once and give an order for Gyudon Nami(middle size of Gyudon),if you are very hungry and want to eat more then give an order for Gyudon Dai(big size) . Price of the middle size Gyudon is about \300.

Katsudon(pork cutlet bowl)

My favorite food is Katsudon,which is also very popular food for Japanese. You should also try it while you are in Japan. Price of the ordinary Katsudon is about \500.

What to see as a tourist in Osaka.

First of all you have to visit Osaka Castle which is the symbol of Osaka and located in the center of Osaka. Every 3rd Saturday of the month around 11:00AM you can see many armour clad Samurai at the castle, with whom you can get a picture taken. Shitennoji Temple is also an interesting place for tourists,where Antique Flea Market is held on 21st and 22nd every month. If you are serendipity ,then don't miss to visit it and you could surely find treasures at the cheap price from hundreds of stalls there.

Osaka Castle & Old Battle Field
Shitennoji Temple & Flea Market
Nakanoshima Area& River Cruise

Useful Information for Sightseeing in Osaka!

Osaka Amazing Pass 1 day pass \2,500 & 2day pass \3,300
You can save money for sightseeing in Osaka with this pass.
Unlimited use of trains and buses in Osaka for 1 day or 2 days and also about 35
popular sightseeing spots are free admission with your Osaka Unlimited Pass
- Osaka Castle, Shitennoji Temple,Tennoji Zoo and Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel,
for example.

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